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Wesley Chapel awaits Planning Board input on conservation subdivisions

For a second time, the Village of Wesley Chapel Village Council on Monday sent a proposal for conservation subdivisions back to the Planning Board.

The council wants the Planning Board to reduce the minimum size for such subdivisions, as well as the minimum lot size. In October, it sent a similar request.

However, the request came too late for the Planning Board to place it on its Oct. 26 meeting agenda, so it instead will be taken up Nov. 23.
The council on Monday was unaware that the Planning Board had postponed addressing the issue.

The recommendations for conservation zoning call for such subdivisions to be at least 15 acres, which is the same minimum size requirement for senior-housing subdivisions.

Village Planner Bill Duston said he recommended the 15-acre minimum because that is the same requirement that the village enacted recently for senior housing subdivisions.

Councilwoman Becky Plyler said she thinks the lot sizes could be reduced to 25,000 square feet or less. The council voted 3-0 to send it back to the Planning Board.

The current proposal for conservation subdivisions calls for up to 30 percent of the lots in a conservation-zoned subdivision to be at least 30,000 square feet and 15 percent of such subdivisions would have to be used for conservation areas that could be used as open space, as common space or for passive recreation.

Mayor Brad Horvath said during the council’s October meeting that he didn’t think there should be a minimum size for conservation subdivisions because he didn’t believe there should be size requirement for wanting to conserve land.

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