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Mooresville rezones 51 acres for additional homes

Town awards contract for Liberty Park Transformation to Stewart Engineering

The Mooresville Board of Commissioners voted 5-0 Monday night to rezone more than 50 acres for a developer to build additional homes in a proposed subdivision.

The commissioners’ approval to rezone the 50.9 acres from R2 single-family residential, which allows for up to two units per acre, to R3 to allow for three units per acre means that 22 homes could be added to any development that Bluefield LKN LLC wants to build.

A plan for the development indicates that 128 homes will be built on the land, which is on Bluefield Road, adjacent to Interstate 77. A site plan for the property was not available and the developer could not be reached for comment.

The town is reviewing the developers’ plans, Craig Culberson, a senior town planner, said in an email.

According to the town, the property was part of a rezoning request that was approved by the Board of Commissioners in September 2014.  The western portion of the property was rezoned from RMX-C, residential with mixed use with conditions, to R2 for residential development. Bluefield didn’t have plans for the development of the eastern side of the property at that time.

A traffic impact analysis that accounts for the additional traffic created by the proposed development is being finalized.

The Board of Commissioners also voted 5-0 to award a contract of up to $121,000 to Stewart Engineering for the design construction, bid and project management for the Transformation of Liberty Park project.

Liberty Park is located at 201 N. Church Street.

Town officials said the goal of the project is to revitalize the Church Street corridor and this project is the first step.

The Liberty Park Transformation project wants to turn the  5.6-acre park into an event venue for concerts, movies, craft fairs, and festivals.  This park has a baseball/softball diamond, basketball court, picnic shelters, playground, trails natural areas and a parking lot

The work will include getting public input on the project.  The town expects that it will take 6-8 months for a final plan to be approved by the Town Board of Commissioners.

Town officials have not determined how much money the project will cost and how long the construction will take.

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