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Bond proposals by McCrory, NC House at a glance

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A glance at proposed distribution of the proceeds of the $2.86 billion proposed debt package given tentative approval Wednesday by the North Carolina House, with comparisons to the “Connect NC” package offered by Gov. Pat McCrory that would propose nearly the same amount. Each bond package would be on the Nov. 3 ballot statewide:

House proposal:

18 University of North Carolina system construction projects $890 million

K-12 school construction, renovations $500 million(asterisk)

Department of Transportation projects $400 million

Community college system construction for all 58 campuses $300 million(asterisk)

Courts $ 15 million(asterisk)

Statewide capital repairs and renovations $200 million

Agriculture, including Department of Agriculture lab $195 million

North Carolina National Guard $ 93 million

State attractions, parks, historic sites, NC Zoo $135 million

Local parks for disabled, infrastructure $ 85 million*

Department of Public Safety $ 47 million

*-some money requires matching grants from counties or other sources.

McCrory (Connect NC) proposal:

Department of Transportation road and transit projects $1.67 billion

10 University of North Carolina construction projects $ 504 million

Community college system construction $ 200 million

Military-related projects, including North Carolina National Guard $ 87 million

Department of Public Safety $ 62 million

Department of Health and Human Services $ 51 million

Department of Environment and Natural Resources $112 million

Department of Cultural Resources $ 76 million

Department of Agriculture $ 11 million

Department of Administration $ 5 million

Office of Information Technology Services $ 31 million

Courts $ 15 million

In addition, the House proposes halting an annual transfer of $216 million from the Highway Fund to the state’s general fund. Proceeds of nearly $1.3 billion over six years would be used to pay for additional road projects with cash and not additional debt. The transfer issue would be negotiated separately from the House bond bill.

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