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Mooresville approves Alcove Road rezoning

MOORESVILLE – The Board of Commissioners approved Monday night a rezoning for two office buildings on 8.9 acres along Alcove Road near Lake Wylie, just east of Langtree Charter Academy.

Alcove Langtree Properties LLC, the owner of the property and the rezoning applicant, plans to build the two-story buildings on the southeast part of the site. Brad Howard, president of Alcove Langtree Properties, said construction on the first of the two new office buildings will start in late summerand will take about a year to complete, and that construction on the second office building will begin once the first office building is finished.

The property was rezoned from single-family residential and corridor mixed-use to village center with conditions to allow for more than 60,000 square feet of commercial space to be built.

The site, which is part of the company’s Alcove Commons project, includes a third three-story office building that’s already under construction and which Howard said would be completed in June.

Last year, Alcove Langtree submitted a rezoning request for 25 acres, which included the 8.9 acres rezoned Monday, but the commissioners delayed a decision on the request because it had yet to approve the Alcove Road Corridor Small Area Plan. The plan has since been approved by the board and is used to guide the future development. It covers about 405 acres, including the Alcove Commons site, which is along a 1.9-mile stretch of Alcove Road that runs parallel to Interstate 77 from exits 31 to 33.

Specifically, the plan is meant to guide anticipated growth along Alcove Road, and includes guiding principles such as policy recommendations that will work to balance projected commercial development with existing residential development and enhance the accessibility to the interchanges that anchor each end of Alcove Road. Howard’s original plans to develop 25 acres was opposed by dozens of Mooresville residents because of concerns that it would increase traffic on Alcove Road.

Howard said Monday night he reduced the acreage of his zoning request because he wanted to focus solely on developing the 8.9 acres, but that he still plans to develop the entire 25-acre site. Howard’s original plans for Alcove Commons included about 60,000 square feet of retail space, more than 30,000 square feet of office space, 61 townhomes, and a hotel. Howard did not respond to questions regarding his current plans.

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