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Mooresville postpones Langtree hearing until 2015

MOORESVILLE – Residents who have previously expressed opposition to a rezoning request by The Langtree Group will have to wait until Feb. 2 to continue a public hearing on the matter.

The Mooresville Board of Commissioners meeting Monday night lasted about five minutes, mainly because the board decided to continue the hearing – for a second time – to allow the board to vote on the Alcove Road Corridor Small Area Plan prior to its decision on the rezoning.

The board will vote Jan. 5 on the small area plan, which would apply to about 405 acres of land west of a 1.9-mile stretch of Alcove Road that runs parallel to Interstate 77 from exit 31 to 33.

Langtree is seeking a rezoning of “Village Center” for 25.4 acres of its project, named Alcove Commons, which will be within the small area plan if it is approved by the board. Langtree’s plan includes 58,519 square feet of small-retail space, 33,788 square feet of office space, 61 town homes and a 108-room hotel that will be built in phases in the next three to five years. The hotel would need a conditional use permit issued by the board in order to be built.

Two of the parcels that are included in the rezoning already have either existing developments or developments that are under construction, and are included in the rezoning application for the purpose of watershed compliance and traffic impact.

The small area plan is similar to the town’s comprehensive land use and transportation plans, which are used to guide the town’s future development, but it’s more “fine-grained and site-specific in detail,” according to the most recent draft.

The plan is meant to guide anticipated growth specifically along Alcove Road, and includes guiding principles such as policy recommendations that will work to balance projected corridor growth relative to the proximity to established residential development, as well as enhance the accessibility to the interchanges that anchor each end of the Alcove corridor.

The town has been working on the small use area plan for three months, and received feedback from the N.C. Department of Transportation and the Mooresville Fire-Rescue Department, each of which made recommendations for the final draft of the plan.

The department of transportation offered ways in which the town could improve accessibility along the corridor, and the fire-rescue department recommended the town identify a targeted station location area that will “enhance emergency call response times to the corridor.”

The plan also attributes commercial development constraints in the Alcove corridor to the difficulty and costliness of extending town sewer services to that area, but it does not propose any solutions.

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