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Waxhaw postpones awarding contract on house

The town of Waxhaw deferred a decision on accepting one of two proposals for restoration of the Duncan McDonald House until it checks on conditions required for state historic landmark designation.

The town plans to hire a contractor to raise the house and restore its foundation and replace its floors, windows, roof and one chimney. It would also require electrical work and deconstructing and reconstructing two porches. Interior renovations will depend on how the building may be used, which has not yet been determined.

The town this week was seeking a state historic landmark designation, and before going forward with the work, wants to make sure any renovations are in keeping with such standards, said town Clerk Melody Shuler.

Two bids, one for $200,700 from J.A. Haynes and one for $172,000 from Kris Axhoj, were received for the work.

The Duncan House, at 101 N. Church St., was built in 1888, and is either the oldest or second-oldest remaining home in the town. Records are not clear as to when the Ralph J. Belk House was built.

There are 15 houses in the town’s historic district that were built between that time and 1900.

The Duncan House is owned by the city and vacant.

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