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Short and to the point

In light of a successful lawsuit against the city of Charlotte concerning the issuance of “statements of consistency” when approving ordinance amendments, municipal planners, elected officials and their attorneys are making sure such decisions are made by the book.

Neighbors of Queens University were successful in July in their appeal of a city zoning decision on the grounds that the council did not properly state that its decision was consistent with an adopted comprehensive plan and explain why the action was reasonable and in the public interest. Instead, the council adopted a pre-written consistency statement.

During a Huntersville Board of Commissioner’s meeting Monday, the board approved amending its zoning ordinance in response to a petition from James Funeral Home regarding crematoriums.

After Commissioner Sarah McAuley made the motion to approve the amendment, Senior Planner Brad Priest prompted her to state why the amendment was reasonable.

Quipped McAuley, before acceding to Priest’s request for more detail: “Because it is reasonable.”

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