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Forum to discuss zoning options

Civic By Design and the Levine Museum of the New South are hosting a forum to discuss form-based development versus traditional use-based zoning from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Nov. 11.

Form-based codes regulate the way that development fits in with a community plan, focusing on the character of development and how it fits into the neighborhood, as opposed to isolated land-use zoning, such as floor-area ratios, parking requirements and setbacks.

“Zoning ordinances are evolving in response to shifting trends on where and how people want to live, especially a desire for what many people call walkable communities or smart development or good urbanism,” according to Civic By Design. “The question is not whether or not to have zoning, but what kind of zoning will produce the best urban/village form.”

The forum will cover topics including:

  • How the ground rules of zoning can make both “good and bad things happen.”
  • Common misconceptions about how form-making techniques related to zoning and how form-based codes related to zoning.
  • How development regulations can promote economic vitality and implement a long-term vision for areas ranging from neighborhoods to regions.
  • Determine ways to make such regulations easily understandable, user-friendly and supported by the community.

The panel will include Joel Russell, executive director of the Form-Based Code Institute. The event is free, as is parking at the 7th Street parking garage. For information, contact info@civicbydesign.com.

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