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Boggs’ attorneys object to home forfeiture


Drew Boggs' Waxhaw home

Drew Boggs’ Waxhaw home

Attorneys for Carl Andrew “Drew” Boggs III have objected to the U.S. Attorney’s Office seeking the forfeiture of his $2.2 million Waxhaw home.

In an Oct. 7 response to a government filing stating that it is seeking at least $1.5 million and the home, attorneys Kenneth D. Bell and Matthew E. Orso of McGuireWoods LLP asserted that the home was not paid for by proceeds from activities that led to Boggs’ indictment and subsequent guilty plea on charges related to defrauding the government on $87 million in road contracts over 10 years. Boggs Paving Inc. and five employees, along with John “Styx” Cuthbertson and his Wingate trucking company, were accused of conspiring to claim Cuthbertson performed work valued at $3.7 million on road contracts that required subcontracts to disadvantaged business enterprises, when in fact Boggs Paving performed the work.

In June, Boggs, the paving company’s president and co-owner, sold his interest in a quarry and a sand mine in S.C., and used the proceeds to pay down his mortgage, the attorneys asserted in the response. Neither of those companies was named in the indictment.

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