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Renovation Report: Triple C Brewing Co.

Southend’s Triple C Brewing Co. is looking to take advantage of building space that was set aside when the brewery opened just over two years ago.renovation reportWEB

The expansion is estimated at $400,000, and the brewery is hoping to start construction as soon as next month, according to co-owner Chris Harker.

“We’ve always had this big building and it was definitely way too big for us starting out, but we definitely weren’t interested in moving,” Harker said. “We bit the bullet, and now it’s paying off.”

The brewery has been utilizing half of its 20,000 square feet on Giffith Street, using the remaining half as storage space. Harker said Triple C is fortunate not to have to move to another location to accommodate the growing production rate because moving an entire brewing operation is costly.

Triple C currently has six 30-barrell fermenters, but the renovations will add two 60-barrell fermenters to the production line. Harker said the plan was to brew the most popular two beers, Golden Boy and 3C India Pale Ale, in the new, larger fermenters in order to make the brewing process more efficient.

This goes hand-in-hand with the brewery’s new canning line as well. As a part of the expansion, Triple C will be canning the aforementioned two beers for distribution to local vendors and retailers.

It’s also adding another fermentation pad to collect runoff from the fermentation tanks, an extension of the brewery’s walk-in cooler, and a new silo that’s capable of holding up to 50,000 pounds of grain.

Triple C has been buying grain in 50-pound bags, but the new silo will allow for bulk purchases and further its grain storage ability.

Harker’s main priority is for the brewery to be able to conduct its operations without being hindered by the renovation process. He compared the renovation to a “chess board” because there are so many interchangeable parts involved.

“The (contractor) wants to do it all at once, but that’s not really possible,” Harker said.

HarkerDoerre, which did the brewery’s initial construction, is back on board for the renovation project.

“What we’re essentially doing here is replicating what we’ve already done, but with an emphasis on enhancements,” said David Harker, president of HarkerDoerre, and who is also Chris’s brother. “The fact that we’re there should be irrelevant to their business.”

He said coordination and communication are vital to ensuring business goes smoothly during the construction period.

The brewery hopes the renovation is completed by January 2015.

An architect from Redline Design Group is in the process of drawing up permit plans, and the brewery has scheduled an appointment with an engineer to survey the site.

Although Triple C has made deposits on all the equipment it plans to install, the canning equipment may be difficult to immediately implement into the brewery’s production scheme. Harker said hiring a third-party distributor temporarily is a possibility.

“We always had an eye for expansion, but we just didn’t think it would be two years into it,” Chris Harker said.


Project description: Expansion of the Triple C Brewing Co. building

Address: 2900 Griffith St., Charlotte

Architect: Redline Design Group

Contractor: HarkerDoerre

Available space: 10,000 square feet of the building’s total 20,000 square feet

Cost: $400,000

Construction starts: Expected to start November 2014

Anticipated completion: January 2015

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