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Queen City lacks in luring retirees

Charlotte ranked only middling among the best places to retire, according to the business and financial information website WalletHub, which placed it 98th out of 150 cities.

Among its greatest disadvantages: It ranked second in the subcategory “least fishing facilities per capita,” faring better than only Columbus, Ohio.

The city’s highest ranking – 15th – was in jobs, and more specifically the number of jobs available for those over 65 years old and the number of people in that age group who are employed.

It ranked 75th in affordability, 79th in health care, 101st in recreation, and 116th in quality of life for those over 65, including weather, crime rate, and air and water quality.

Topping the list were cities in the warmest climes: Tampa, Orlando and St. Petersburg, Fla.; Grand Prairie, Texas; and Scottsdale, Ariz.

At the bottom were cold sports Providence, R.I.; Newark, N.J.; Philadelphia, New York and Chicago.

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