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Zoning change allows breweries

The Cornelius Planning Board on Monday approved amending its development code to allow craft breweries within 300 feet of homes, churches and schools. The board determined that craft breweries were not substantially different than restaurants or other businesses that are allowed within 300 feet of such buildings. They will be required, however, to install planted buffers that would be required of other businesses.

“This will give us a leg up in recruiting craft breweries,” said Planning Director Wayne Herron.

Also at its meeting Monday, the board agreed to defer until Oct. 13 a public hearing on the Harborside Homeowners Association’s request for an appeal to the Board of Adjustment. The group wants to appeal the planning director’s decision to allow Lennar Carolinas LLC to decrease the size of four proposed town homes and alter garage sizes. The HOA members are concerned that the construction on four vacant lots within their community will reduce their property values because the town homes would be smaller and look different than the existing homes.

A staff report to the board noted that the decision was based primarily on legal action more than a decade ago that resulted in a consent decree between the parties regarding development rights on the land. “In summary, the Planning Director determined that the size of the homes and garages was governed by the rights contained in the Consent Decree of 2002 and the size of residential units and  garages may could amended by Lennar, consistent with the decree,” the report said.

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