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Looking through P. Diddy’s pad

diddy-living-room-corner.webLet’s make this as clear as the acrylic furniture in the living room: Puff Daddy is not getting $8.5 million for his Upper West Side loft.

That’s the price Sean Combs – aka Puff Daddy, P. Diddy and Puffy – originally asked in late 2012 for the corner unit in the Imperial Park building on West 56th Street in New York City, according to, the Big Apple real estate gossip site.

Several “pricechops” later, in the vernacular of the website, the co-op apartment is now going for $7.99 million, but nycurbed is not so sure Combs will get that because of the “all-Lucite everything,” and “shag carpet and quirky pedigree.”

The Lucite comment refers to Combs’ choice in living room furniture, almost all of which is made of acrylic that is as clear as the floor-to-ceiling windows affording what the listing calls “postcard Central Park views.”

We’re not talking just chairs, coffee table, end table and etagere, we’re talking a see-through grand piano and piano stool. Not a home-stager’s dream scenario.

In case you’re interested in looking into – and through – what nycurbed dubs a “Lucite Haven,” it is listed with Streeteasy (

Presuming a 90 percent, 30-year mortgage of $7.2 million, monthly common charges of $3,150, and monthly taxes of $3,000, a buyer is looking at a $43,704 mortgage payment for 360 months, for a real price of $16.5 million.

That, clearly, is a heck of a pricechop.

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