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Realtor specializes in nudist real estate

Naked appears to be the new black, at least when it comes to reality TV.

TLC is joining this year’s nude trend in the season’s newest offering, “Buying Naked,” a nudist real estate series that follows the adventures of an intrepid Florida realtor as she guides clothing-optional clients shopping for their dream home.

The series takes place in Pasco County, Fla., home to the largest concentration of nudist communities in the country and the “Nudist Capital of America.” Local Realtor Jackie Youngblood specializes in this particular niche market.

While most homebuyers concern themselves with location, floor plan, budget, stainless steel appliances and number of bedrooms, in the world of real estate for nudists, there are a host of other issues to consider.

“Jackie and her team must also bear in mind the hazards that are lurking for their clothing-optional clientele – everything from countertop height to sharp corners and flooring (rug burn hurts!). Routine tasks such as cooking, cleaning and even just walking can present safety risks for the unclothed occupants of the home,” according to a press release from TLC.

In “Buying Naked,” Youngblood is also responsible for coaching newbie real estate agents in the art of selling and buying at nudist camps. She offers specific advice on handling this special clientele, including keep your gaze at eye level, don’t laugh and watch out for the bear hugs.

Who knew!


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