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Huber panels first to achieve new code approval

CHARLOTTE – Building systems manufacturer Huber Engineered Woods has announced that its ZIP System R-Sheathing is the first insulated structural panel to achieve code approval under the International Code Council Evaluation Service’s (ICC-ES) updated acceptance criteria for proprietary sheathing panels.

The ICC-ES revised its acceptance and testing criteria for proprietary sheathings earlier this year to provide a path for 2009 and 2012 code recognition. The more strenuous acceptance criteria ensures products comply with the 2009 and 2012 editions of the international residential and building codes

“The quality of building products has become increasingly important to builders as energy and building codes become more difficult to meet,” said Matt O’Brien, vice president of commercial operations. “The stricter requirements set forth by the ICC-ES is reflective of that need. We’re pleased that ZIP System R-Sheathing is the first product of its kind to have passed the more rigorous testing required by the new Acceptance Criteria.”

ZIP System R-Sheathing is designed to provide greater energy efficiency and bulk water, thermal, air, and moisture resistance while delivering strength and durability.

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