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Renovation Report: Davidson Green School

DAVIDSON ─ Students across Mecklenburg County are preparing to return to school as August winds down, and 36 students plan to attend a school in this northern Meck town for the first time. That is, as long as the school can get a change-of-use permit for the old house in which it plans to operate. Davison Green School plans to open its doors on Sept. 3 to students in kindergarten through fourth grade, but only if the town of Davidson issues the change-of-use permit.
Christina Shaul, spokeswoman for Davidson, said the town fully expects to issue the permit ─ and not leave those 36 kids without a school ─ but said the school still must provide certain documentation before the permit is granted. “Right now it’s considered a house,” she said. “So they’ve had to do some things so we can permit them to run the school.”davidson.green.schoolWEB

Jennifer Jakubecy, the founder and head of Davidson Green School, said the school in June bought the house at 511 S. Main St. Since then, work has been focused on improving safety and accessibility at the 3,300-square-foot former house.

“We’re adding sprinkler systems, updating our electrical system and changing things like exit signs,” Jakubecy said. “For accessibility, we’re adding a lift, adding ramps outside, and modifying some doorways.”

She said work on the school should be finished by the end of the month, before students show up for class. But Davidson officials are still awaiting documents from the school before those students can pass through the doors. Until then, the building is considered a house.

Shaul said the school has submitted its certificate of maximum occupancy, but the town still needs a driveway permit from the N.C. Department of Transportation and a traffic impact analysis.

“We’ll wait until we get all the documents from them before we look over it all and issue the permit,” Shaul said. “We’re going to issue that permit, (the school) only adds to what we can offer citizens.”


Project description: An old house in the town is being converted into a school with a focus on the environment and sustainability.

Address: 511 S. Main St., Davidson

Square feet: 3,300

General contractor: Bradley Construction Group

Cost: $180,000

Construction started: June

Completion date: End of August

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