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Renovation Report: Coats North America

Editor’s note:  “Renovation Report” is a Mecklenburg Times profile of a property being renovated in the Charlotte area.


When Coats moved into the Toringdon office park in 2003, the building was brand new.

Coats is spending nearly $500,000 to renovate its space in Toringdon Office Park. Photo by Payton Guion

The paint had just dried, the carpet had just been laid.

But that was 10 years ago.

Chris Smith, procurement director at Coats, a sewing-thread manufacturer, said his company just signed a lease to stay another 10 years in its building, at 3430 Toringdon Way. But to stay until 2023, Smith said, Coats had some work to do in its 27,000-square-foot space.

That work involves building offices and conference rooms, as well and repainting and putting in new carpet, Smith said. Barringer Construction is the general contractor on the project.

“Since we moved in here, we’ve been 100 percent cubicles,” he said. “From the CEO on down.

“But we’ve decided now to add some office space, about seven or eight offices.”

That work started at the beginning of March, and Smith said that, with one exception, it has gone smoothly.

“We had an architect involved from the beginning, so that has made it a pretty easy process,” he said.

The one challenge of the renovations, Smith said, has been shuffling employees around while the work is continues.

Smith said the Coats office is divided into quadrants, and Barringer has been doing the work quadrant-by-quadrant. Thus, while the contractor is working on a quadrant, Coats has to find somewhere to put those employees.

“Luckily our landlord was gracious enough to let us use some flex space they had nearby,” he said. “They had some un-leased space here in the park that we’ve been able to use.”

This is the first renovation project that Coats has done, Smith said, adding that he’d never had any experience in picking a general contractor. In choosing Barringer, Smith said price and thoroughness were important, but said another factor really stood out to him.

“I feel like we really hit it off (with Barringer),” he said. “I definitely think that helped. It’s a big decision. You’re going to be working with these people for six months or so.”


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Project description: Coats is renovating its space in the Toringdon office park.

Address: 3430 Toringdon Way

Cost: $496,000

Space under renovation: 27,000 square feet

General contractor: Barringer Construction

Construction began: Beginning of March

Expected completion: September


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