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Trinity completes 23,000-square-foot upfit in Ally Center

CHARLOTTE – Trinity Partners Construction Services Group, a contractor affiliated with Charlotte-based Trinity Partners, has finished preparing 23,000 square feet of space in uptown’s Ally Center for the regional headquarters of JELD-WEN, a national window and door manufacturer based in Klamath Falls, Ore.

The $1.1 million project began about nine months ago when Trinity began work on about 9,000 square feet of speculative space in Ally Center, said Randy Gonyea, director of construction services for Trinity. The work on the space was finished before JELD-WEN committed to move in, he said.

“We finished the work on that 9,000 feet of space around October and JELD-WEN came in to look at it and they liked it,” Gonyea said. “Then they decided that they wanted about 14,000 more feet of space.”

Work on the additional space began on Jan. 3, Gonyea said, adding that JELD-WEN employees began working in the Ally Center on March 11. All of JELD-WEN’s space is on the fourth floor of the building.

Trinity Partners handles leasing at Ally Center, which is at 440 S. Church St.

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