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Decimal point disarray: $7.8 million online, in reality $78,000

CHARLOTTE – A home at 815 Walnut Ave. could have made history for selling at 10,400 percent of its listing price, except for one thing: Reports of its stunning $7.8 million selling price were incorrect. 

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More than a dozen real estate websites didn’t stop to question the anomaly, as a quick Google search revealed on Monday.

The property was listed at $75,000 and was incorrectly documented as selling for $7.8 million by the Charlotte Regional Realtor Association and more than a dozen real estate websites.

The property actually sold on Feb. 27 for $78,000, not $7.8 million, according to listing agent Sandra Burke with Key Realty. Burke said she made the mistake.

The two-bedroom, one-bath 732-square-foot home sits on .26 acres, or 11,326 square feet, and was built in 1938, according to county records. The home is in the Wesley Heights subdivision and was on the market for more than 150 days before being purchased.

Burke said the home was “in bad shape” but did not wish to comment further.

Real estate websites including Charlotte Real Estate Talk and Terra Vista Realty originally listed the house as selling for the incorrect price. As of 4 p.m. Monday, some sites, including Charlotte Real Estate Talk, had corrected the number.

Below are screenshots of the incorrect price on several websites:





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