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Report: More NC construction firms plan to hire, not fire, in 2013

More North Carolina construction companies plan to add staff rather than lay people off in 2013, according to survey results released today by the Associated General Contractors of America and Computer Guidance Corp.

That’s in keeping with the survey’s national findings.

According to the survey, 30 percent of firms in North Carolina plan to hire staff this year, while only 8 percent plan to lay off people. Meanwhile, 20 percent plan no change in their employee ranks, and 42 percent said they don’t know whether they will add or reduce staff.

The survey also found that, nationwide, demand for many types of private-sector construction projects should increase this year.

But AGC, a trade association based in Arlington, Va., also said that U.S. construction companies are worried about rising costs and declines in public-sector projects.

Stephen Sandherr, CEO of AGC, said in a press release that although the outlook for the construction industry appears to be positive as 2013 starts, “many firms are still grappling with significant economic headwinds.

“With luck and a lot of work, the hard-hit construction industry should be larger, healthier, more technologically savvy and more profitable by the end of 2013 than it is today.”

Sandherr said 31 percent of U.S. firms plan to add staff this year, while only 9 percent plan to make layoffs. According to AGC, the scope of those additions are likely to be modest, with 79 percent of firms reporting they plan to hire 15 or fewer people this year. Only 13 percent plan to hire more than 25 workers this year.

Only 14 percent of firms in South Carolina plan to add staff this year, the least amount in any state.

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