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Dilworth land-use chair wants development on prime property

Charlotte – The chairwoman of the Dilworth Land-Use Committee would like to see development on a piece of prime real estate in her neighborhood that has been empty for more than a decade.

Cindy Schwartz said on Wednesday that the one-acre lot in Dilworth, across East Boulevard from 131 main and Franks East Blvd. Bar & Grill next to Scott Avenue, is a space that she thinks needs to be developed – and sooner rather than later.

“We would love to see that lot developed,” Schwartz said. “It used to be the Epicurean Restaurant, but it was torn down years ago for new development.

“They tore it down hoping to rebuild, but it never got built.”

In 2010 the owners of that property and the former Epicurean Restaurant, the Castanas family, tried to rezone it for a parking lot. That met heavy resistance from Dilworth residents and was never approved.

These days, all that is seen on the lot in the heart of Dilworth are seasonal attractions like a pumpkin patch and a Christmas tree lot.

Schwartz said that she hasn’t heard anything new about development on the site, but hopes that it would be something complementary to the restaurants and boutiques across East Boulevard.


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