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Trinity Partners names 2 partners

CHARLOTTE — Trinity Partners said Tuesday that it is making two employees partners with the Charlotte-based brokerage company.

Industrial broker Terry Brennan has been with the company since 1999 and leads its industrial product service group. Senior leasing agent Rhea Greene has been with Trinity since 2008, when she joined the company as a leasing agent.

Brennan will continue to head the industrial product service group, but Greene has been promoted to director of leasing in the company’s Charlotte office.

Brenna said that, as a partner, he’s going to be more involved with long-term strategies to grow the company.

“This was something we’ve been talking about over the years,” Brennan said. “But I think it was just good timing for the company to get a couple of brokers and get their daily input on things.”

David Allen, Trinity principal, said in a press release that the company has “worked hard to foster an entrepreneurial culture and atmosphere at our firm.

“Both Terry and Rhea have proven themselves to be top stewards of that spirit, embodying the best-in-class service and approach upon which we’ve built the company.”

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