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Charlotte Douglas requests rezoning of 50 acres for rental-car facilities

(A correction was made to the following story Sept. 14, 2012)

CHARLOTTE — Charlotte Douglas International Airport is seeking to have 50 acres rezoned for rental car-maintenance facilities, according to a request filed Aug. 27 with the city of Charlotte.

Haley Gentry, assistant to the aviation director, said the airport has been acquiring the land for the $15 million project for years as a part of the airport’s master plan.

“Construction is expected to start quickly, and it will be built over the next year,” Gentry said.

According to the rezoning, there are 70 parcels that airport officials are seeking to have rezoned. Of those, 64 are zoned R-3 for residential uses, four are zoned B-2 for general business uses and two are a third-party rezoning and it isn’t clear under which zoning district they fall.

If approved, the parcels will all be zoned I-2, a general-industrial classification.

The hearing for the rezoning request is scheduled for Monday, and Gentry said she didn’t expect any trouble in getting the rezoning.

“The land is vacant right now. That usually makes it easier to be granted a rezoning,” she said.

Each rental car company is responsible for the construction of their maintenance facilities, but Gentry wasn’t sure how many companies would build such facilities.

Correction: Sept. 14, 2012

A previous version of this story featured an inaccurate acreage for the rezoning request. That’s because the rezoning application listed 100 acres to be rezoned, but, according to Shad Spencer, a planner with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department, the rezoning is being sought for only 50 acres. (The error was brought to The Mecklenburg Times’ attention by Spencer.)

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