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Zoning Committee backs apartment project near SouthPark

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By a unanimous vote, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission’s Zoning Committee last week recommended approval of Woodfield’s rezoning request next door to Barclay Downs Swim and Racquet Club.

Woodfield is seeking to build an apartment complex at the site; members of the Barclay Downs Swim and Racquet Club oppose the project.

The seven-member Zoning Committee had little debate on the subject before Chairwoman Yolanda Johnson called for the vote.

“This was very challenging for me,” Johnson said. “I spent a lot of time trying to understand the emails from all sides, but I found the staff recommendation to be consistent with the framework.”

Commissioner Lucia Griffith said she was voting in favor of the project because it encouraged a mix of uses for land in the area around Barclay Downs and SouthPark.

“There’s so much out there which is office, and this is something different,” Griffith said.

Commissioner Ray Eschert added that he liked the idea of residential space near SouthPark.

“I did meet with the people (at Barclay Downs), and the passion is there,” he said. “But when I looked at the overall plan and saw the consolidation of a lot of office space in SouthPark, I am convinced a residential component would bring balance to the area.”



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