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Building inspectors add text message notifications

The Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement Department announced that they are making several changes to the way the department notifies customers about inspections.

Code enforcement customers who have signed up for the notification service will soon see modifications to the system that code enforcement managers have deemed necessary over the past year.

Among the most important changes will be a text notification that will be sent to customers giving them a reasonable window of time to expect an inspector to arrive at the site. The importance of this, Griffin said, is that now customers will have more lee time and will be more available to meet inspectors on the job site.

“It’s a way of communication to the field, to the customer, that you’re in route, that you’re coming to the job site,” Jeff Griffin, county code enforcement manager, said.

Griffin said that the notification system, which was released to all trades in 2011, was piloted for several years before being released.

Other changes include allowing customers to sign up for multiple points of contact – as many emails and text messages as necessary to notify customers, as well as more interactivity on the notification website. Customers can now sign up for specific types of notifications, receive specific messages or let code enforcement know that they don’t need certain types of notifications.

Jim Bartl, director of code enforcement for the county, said that a main reason the department felt these changes were necessary was that he discovered that many general contractors didn’t understand how the subscription system worked; something he hopes will be addressed with the modifications.

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