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Code enforcement fees going up

In a move likely to anger many in the construction industry, Mecklenburg County’s code enforcement department is raising its fees, saying what it charges is way below what it costs to provide its services to the industry.

Among the changes:

• The annual registration/renewal fee for Meck-SI, the paperless special inspection management system, will increase from $99 to $125.

• The hourly rate for an inspector to attend a special preconstruction meeting will be $115.

• There will be a 20 percent charge added to the final cost of projects when equipment is valued at $500,000 or more.

• All inspections will be conducted at once for projects requiring multiple inspections.

• An upfit auto-cost calculator will be used to determine a fair minimum permit cost.

• Once a permit is issued, the recipient must pay an hourly rate if the delivery process is broken down into smaller components.

The department said it has no choice but to charge more.

“Contractors and customers that are conscientious about their use of resources are not subsidizing the people who abuse the department’s resources and use it for their quality-control process,” Jon Morris, chairman of the county’s Building
Development Commission, said.

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