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CMPD attorney scoffs at REBIC

Mark Newbold can’t stifle a snicker when he hears the mention of REBIC and North Carolina Senate Bill 683.

But Joe Padilla, executive public policy director of the Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition, can’t help but be hopeful when he thinks about the bill.

Padilla is seeking an interpretation of the bill, which the General Assembly passed last year, to determine whether it could overturn a Charlotte policy that requires all rental-property owners to register with the city. The City Council adopted the policy last month.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department supports mandatory
registration, saying it would provide police with contact information that could be used to quickly get in touch with a property owner if there’s
criminal activity at their rental.

Newbold, an attorney for the police department, finds the attempt by REBIC, a Charlotte-based lobbying group, to undo the registration laughable.

“The bill says that you can’t require an owner to get permission to rent or lease property,” Newbold said. “Nothing we have (in the new policy) says you can’t rent or lease rental property.

“For one, they (REBIC) need to read the whole thing.”

The bill primarily focuses on the inspection of residential buildings in the state.  Padilla, though, said his interpretation is that a municipality can’t adopt a mandatory rental-registration program once the bill went into effect, putting Charlotte’s policy in violation of state law.

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