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2012 Democratic National Convention subcontractors have less than a month to register

DNC Convention Deadline for Construction CompaniesThe deadline for construction companies interested in landing subcontracting work for the 2012 Democratic National Convention is less than a month away.

Registration on the vendor directory, at demconvention.com, must take place by March 1.

The DNC committee is prequalifying construction companies looking for upfitting work to prepare Time Warner Cable Arena for the September event, DNC committee spokeswoman Joanne Peters said.

Those who register on the vendor directory will get notified whenever there are contracting or subcontracting opportunities, Peters said.

According to the website, there will be subcontracting opportunities in these areas: acoustical panel ceilings; carpentry; fixed and moveable arena seating; construction-related cleaning; electrical work; fencing and barricades; information technology/cabling; metal framing and drywall; millwork; scaffold platforms and handrails; painting and wall covering; rigging; and warehousing/storage and transport.

Informational meetings are also being held for contractors. Details on those meetings are sent out to those on the vendor list.

The construction-management contract has been awarded to a trio of companies: Charlotte-based construction company Rogers, Indianapolis-based Hunt Construction Group and Atlanta-based H.J. Russell and Co.

The construction manager will oversee modification and the restoration of the arena and also manage subcontractors and the event architect.

Work will begin on the arena July 14, when the DNC committee gains access to the facility, Peters said. Construction crews will have until the end of September to return the arena to preconvention condition.

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