Sorry, Jack

By: Mecklenburg Times staff reports//November 1, 2011//

Sorry, Jack

By: Mecklenburg Times staff reports//November 1, 2011//

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In the movie “Footloose,” there’s a weird scene where Kevin Bacon expresses his angst through dancing. (The Meckcetera team does it often; it’s quite cathartic.)

It’s not known whether Rob Nixon, owner of sports bar Jackalope Jack’s, is angrily dancing through the streets of the Elizabeth neighborhood these days. But we do know that he’s taking his frustrations about the city’s noise policies to Facebook, posting a 2,300-word tirade last month.

In May, the city rolled out a noise ordinance that set decibel limits and hours for outdoor music. Now the city is considering a proposal that would ban restaurants from playing music after midnight if they are too close to homes.

Nixon is burning, yearning for the city to reconsider.

“If you want to see a new version of ‘Footloose,’ you should really move to the modern city of Charlotte, N.C., where we progressively move backwards,” Nixon wrote in his Facebook post, which he titled “Footloose in Charlotte.”

It had 12 “likes” as of press time.

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