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court round

Vue buyers win 
court round

A federal court judge ruled this week in favor of a couple that sought to get back their deposit for a condo they initially wanted to buy at The Vue in Charlotte.

A judge for the Western District of U.S. District Court agreed that  Lawrence and Ke Ding Berkovich should be given back their $145,485 in earnest money.

The Berkovichs claimed their contract did not have the proper legal description of the property as required by the federal Interstate  Land Sales Full Disclosure Act.

They were one of about 200 people who signed contracts to buy one  of the roughly 400 condos at the Vue, a 51-story project at the intersection of Fifth and Pine Street.

Dan McLean, president of MCL, the developer, said The Vue disagrees with the ruling and plans to appeal.

Sixty percent of the units are under contract and eighteen units have sold, The Vue said.

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