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Mooresville Town Board says ‘no’ to developer transferring credits

The Mooresville Town Board on Monday denied a request from MAG Land Development to transfer $514,280 in availability and system development fee credits to GK Curtis Pond.

Maia Setzer, Mooresville’s executive director of administration, said the credits were part of a service agreement between Mooresville and MAG after the development company ran water and sewage lines to its Curtis Pond subdivision.

“MAG Land was given credit for the taps that were going to be installed for new homes because they installed sewer and water lines that were bigger than required,” Setzer said. “The town gave them credit, so as they added houses they wouldn’t have to pay the availability and system development fee.”

Setzer said MAG Land pulled out of the project last year, and GK took over.

Ryan Homes is the builder.

Since the town board denied MAG Land’s request, GK has to pay $514,280 in tap fees, which covers about 85 houses.

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