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Developer, city reach compromise on garages

A Concord developer has come to a compromise with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department regarding the design of garages.

Robert Burkett, president of J&B Development & Management, plans to build up to 73 single-family homes in Park South Station, a townhome development in south Charlotte. He wants to offer the homes at a higher price point, with the hopes of raising the values of neighboring homes.

But city planners did not like his idea to have garages jut out from, or be flush with, the front of the homes. Instead, they wanted recessed garages, meaning set back from the façades.

According to the presentation, Burkett has agreed that:

• homes with garages that extend beyond the façade will have a second floor façade that is not recessed more than 7 feet from the first-floor garage façade;

• no more than two homes with garages that extend more than 10 feet from the façade will be built side by side; and

• garage doors will have certain architectural features, such as windows and arches.

The City Council OK’d the project Monday.

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  1. Planning, zoning and other government regulation has its legal basis and authority in the protection of the health safety and welfare of the general public. It is difficult to understand how the number of feet a garage is set forward back from the rest of a residential structure fits within this authority. 2011 NC Senate Bill 731 prohibits regulation of building design elements – such as windows and arches. http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/Sessions/2011/Bills/Senate/HTML/S731v2.html

  2. It is a shame that we have gotten to the point here locally when a few planning staff get to decide what our houses should look like. I sat through the stakeholder group for this very issue, the majority of the room clearly opposed this, but here we are and planning is imposing their will without merit.

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