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CATS awarded $847,417 from NCDOT

The Charlotte Area Transit System is getting an $847,417 boost from the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

The department’s board of transportation has OK’d the funding to improve public transportation in the Charlotte area.

Funding is coming from three programs administered by the NCDOT’s Public Transportation Division.

Through the Urban/Regional Bus and Facility Program, CATS was approved for a $375,000 state match for a federal Tigger grant that went toward the purchase of six hybrid buses. The funds match $375,000 in local funds and $3 million in federal funds, totaling $3.75 million.

Through the Urban Advanced Technology Program, CATS was approved for $369,000 in state funds for projects, such as the replacement of 41 passenger-assistance telephones and a real-time vehicle location interface to provide better information to riders about the locations of CATS vehicles. The funds match $41,000 in local funds, totaling $410,000.

The Transportation Demand Management Program awarded CATS $103,417 in state funds to promote public transportation options in the Charlotte area. The funds match $103,417 in local funds, totaling $206,834.

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