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Reader comment: Tree canopy goals unrealistic

In response to Tara Ramsey’s report on a goal to have 50-percent tree canopy coverage by 2050 in Charlotte, reader Tom Brasse had this to say:

“This whole study is skewed and their goals are unrealisitic. They do not take into account any of the new regulations that are already in place in their calculation and are comparing Urban Charlotte to other ‘urban centers’ like Radford VA. Don’t know where that is? Google it and tell them if you agree it is an apples to apples comparison. Dense and urban is green.

“Concentrating man’s footprint in as small a geographic area as possible results in a lower carbon output per person, less impervious area per person, etc. To put on the blinders and just look at tree cover in a dense urban area is narrow-minded. Let’s have more trees and push development outward….. ????”

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