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Organic Plant Health shops products with Lowe’s

Organic Plant Health founders Billy Styles and Alan Talbert said they are trying to get their company’s products into Mooresville-based home improvement retailer Lowe’s stores.

OPH is based in Charlotte.

Styles and Talbert said they met with Lowe’s representatives last week as part of Lowe’s annual vendor line review process.

“The line review is only the first step towards getting OPHI products into wide distribution at Lowe’s retail centers,” said Styles, OPH’s president and CEO.

Styles said he won’t know until the fourth quarter, at the earliest, whether his company’s attempts will be successful.

“Typically the evaluation and acceptance process with any major retailer is lengthy,” he said. “We will continue to work hard every day to increase our efficiencies and expand our footprint across America, whether or not Lowe’s is part of our future.”

Chicago-based branding and packaging-design firm Kaleidoscope helped OPH with the preparations for the Lowe’s meeting.

OPH sells organic-based fertilizers, soil conditioners, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides for residential and commercial uses.

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