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Chanticleer Holdings opens Hooters in South Africa

Chanticleer Holdings today opened another Hooters restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Charlotte-based publicly traded company had previously announced that it was opening the restaurant.

The new restaurant is one of three in South Africa under a Chanticleer joint venture with SGShaw Food PTY of Durban, South Africa

“Bringing Hooters restaurants to Cape Town, which is one of the world’s preeminent tourist cities and fastest growing economies, solidifies our successful track record for extending the Hooters brand in the global marketplace,” Michael Pruitt, CEO of Chanticleer Holdings, said. “We see tremendous opportunity in South Africa to introduce Hooters brand food, entertainment and hospitality to its vibrant multicultural communities.”

Chanticleer Holdings and SGShaw Food PTY are contractually obligated to open four more Hooters in South Africa over the next four years.

Chanticleer Holdings was formed in 2005 as a business development company. In 2008, shareholders elected to convert it to an operating holding company.

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