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Banking advances threaten chiropractors

Wallets and purses are getting lighter thanks to the rise in mobile banking. After all, who needs to carry around all those debit cards when you can simply make purchases using your smart phone?

But as wallets and purses shed weight, chiropractors could be in pain.

Jim Eubanks, a chiropractor at Priester Chiropractic in Charlotte, said he has treated men who have been sitting on wallets that are way too thick  and causing misalignment in their spines.

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“For a woman, if she is carrying a heavy purse, this is just like in the gym if you’re lifting weights,” he said. “Your body doesn’t differentiate those two.

“This is more an issue for the women who have midback pain because of carrying a heavy purse. Anything that can get them to carry less in their bags has an added benefit.”

For men, Eubanks said if their wallet has a thickness of 4 inches or more, they shouldn’t sit on it.

“The less stress you’re placing on your spine and hips in an unnatural way, the better,” he said.

Better for the health of the wallet’s owner, but maybe not for the chiropractor who gets paid to treat injuries.

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