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Real estate bills still floating around the legislature

Two real estate-related bills that could have major implications in North Carolina have not yet made their way out of the General Assembly.

House Bill 845, considered by many to be the most sweeping annexation bill introduced this session, would allow the overriding of a municipality’s annexation plans with a 60 percent vote of affected property owners. It would also require municipalities to provide sewage and water connections at no cost to landowners being annexed, but those owners have the choice to receive the connections. Currently, those connection costs can be passed on to property owners.

HB 845 passed the House May 16 and passed first reading in the Senate May 17. It’s been referred to the Committee on Finance.

Senate Bill 731 would ban regulations that dictate what new homes can look like. The bill says such regulations cannot be applied to residential structures containing four or fewer dwelling units, except for in historic areas.

Among other things, the bill bans restrictions on a building’s color, the style or materials of roof structures or porches and the location or style of windows and doors, including garage doors. The bill could impact the city of Charlotte’s proposed regulations for the height of structures, side yard size, streetscape and setbacks.

SB 731 passed the Senate May 17 and has passed first reading in the House. It’s been referred to the Committee on Commerce and Job Development.

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