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Charlotte Zoning Board of Adjustment says no to addition for home

The Charlotte Zoning Board of Adjustment has denied a variance request from a Charlotte homeowner who wanted to build an addition to his home to increase his privacy and reduce noise from a neighboring four-story apartment complex.

David Springer, of 2337 Croydon Road, said he and his family no longer use their backyard patio and keep their blinds closed because the apartment complex towers over them. He was requesting a variance of up to 13 feet to build the room addition where the patio is.

When the Springers moved into the home, there was a one-story duplex where the apartment complex now sits. Springer said he can hear conversations from those residents when he’s in his yard. The room addition would create a noise buffer for his home, he said.

On Tuesday, the board initially appeared set to approve the variance, but member David Hoffman was swayed as the board struggled with the definition of an irregular lot and the hardships imposed by such a lot.

Springer’s lot is diagonal in the back, making the shorter side of the yard 37 feet shorter in length than the rest of the lots in the neighborhood, essentially restricting him from building a heated addition in the backyard. Springer can build a screened-in porch on the site of the patio under current zoning rules, but it cannot be heated space.

But the board also noted that Springer’s lot was wider than the neighboring lots and that he had other options available to him, like building a screened-in porch, planting vegetation as a buffer and building on the side of his home.

The board voted 3-2 to deny his request.

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