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Nearly 5,000 challenge revaluation notices

With the deadline today for commercial property owners in Mecklenburg County to appeal their new values, the county assessor’s office has received 4,860 challenges, Chuck Hicks, revaluation manager, said this afternoon.

Today alone, 750 appeals were filed in response to commercial revaluation notices — which includes commercial properties and condominiums — and residential new construction notices, all sent in March.

“I’ve been expecting a lot more,” Hicks said. “But, then again, it won’t surprise me to see appeals continue to come in past the deadline.”

Hicks said that while his office will still consider appeals that come in past today’s deadline, it makes it more difficult for the property owners to plead their case before the Mecklenburg County Board of Equalization and Review.

Hicks said that by the end of the day Monday, his office had received about 4,000 appeals for commercial properties, condos and new residential construction. The majority of the 4,000 appeals were for condominiums and new residential construction.

He predicts that about half of the appeals that came in today are for commercial properties. He said there are about 25,600 commercial properties in Mecklenburg County, compared with 297,000 residential properties.

It will take weeks to get a final count of the commercial property appeals, he said.

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