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Mecklenburg County revaluation manager says he expected more appeals

Chuck Hicks, Mecklenburg County revaluation manager

Chuck Hicks, Mecklenburg County revaluation manager

With Tuesday being the deadline to appeal Mecklenburg County’s new commercial property revaluation, Chuck Hicks, the county’s revaluation manager, is surprised his office hasn’t received more appeal notices.

“I was expecting the volume to be heavier,” he said today. “But between today and tomorrow we may see a big spike in commercial appeals.”

Hicks said that in mid-March the county mailed new property tax-value notices for condominiums and commercial properties as well as new residential construction that did not make the first batch of residential revaluation notices, which were sent in February.

As of Friday, Hicks said his office had received about 3,800 appeals, the majority of which are for new residential construction.

“That really surprises me,” he said. “I’m waiting to see the big numbers come in for the commercial side.”

In comparison, of the 297,000 residential revaluation notices the county sent in February, it received about 35,000 appeals, Hicks said.

But often, commercial property owners tend to wait to the last minute to appeal, because they often sometimes own multiple pieces of property and getting paperwork in order can be time-consuming, he said.

If the assessor’s office denies an informal appeal, commercial property owners can request to appear before the Mecklenburg County Board of Equalization and Review for a formal appeal, Hicks said. If the property owner isn’t happy with the board’s decision, they can take their case to the Property Tax Commission in Raleigh.

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