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Snyder’s-Lance to cut salt in crackers

Charlotte-based Snyder’s-Lance today said it will lower the amount of sodium in 13 Lance sandwich cracker products to meet National Salt Reduction Initiative guidelines.

NSRI is a nationwide effort among 72 local and state health departments and health organizations to slash the salt in packaged and restaurant foods by 25 percent over five years to reduce the nation’s salt intake by 20 percent and prevent tens of thousands of deaths each year caused by high blood pressure.

Twenty-eight of the nation’s leading food manufacturers have joined NSRI, Snyder’s-Lance said.

The crackers will meet the guidelines by 2012, Lance-Synder’s said.

Snyder’s of Hanover, with which Lance merged in December, joined NSRI in November. At that time, Snyder’s already met the NSRI target for pretzels and agreed to cut the salt in its unflavored chips, Lance-Synder’s said.

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