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City Council approves Madison Park sidewalk construction despite objections from resident

A Madison Park resident spoke out Monday against a sidewalk proposed for his neighborhood, saying it would require the city to encroach onto one-third of his yard.

Despite the objections of Benjamin Vandiver, the City Council unanimously approved the construction of the sidewalk.

Sidewalks will be built on a stretch of Murrayhill Road under the city’s sidewalk program, which allocates $7.5 million each year to build sidewalks, according to the city’s website.

Vandiver told the council that the Madison Park neighborhood has functioned well for decades and was not in need of a sidewalk. He described the project as unnecessary and fiscally irresponsible and with a design that will drastically affect properties because the neighborhood’s front yards aren’t deep enough.

The sidewalk would encroach 10 feet onto his property, he said, adding that sidewalks would only serve to bring pedestrians and animals closer to residents’ front doors.

According to the city’s transportation department, the project involves the installation of 5-foot-wide sidewalks and planting strips. The sidewalks will be installed on:

  • Murrayhill Road between Woodlawn Road and Lamont Drive;
  • the western portion of Wedgewood Drive from Murrayhill Road to Seneca Place; and
  • a gap along the north side of Seneca Place between Pinewood Elementary School’s driveway and the school’s entrance.

The transportation department said the project has had public involvement over the past 2 1/2 years and residents’ comments were used in the design.

Following Vandiver’s comments, the council passed the motion without discussing it further.

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