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Speed rolls out summer titles

Charlotte-based cable TV network Speed said it is rolling out new shows this summer.

From the producers of the slapstick network competition show “Wipeout,” the network has received a demo for a 60-minute game show called “Whipped.” The show allows contestants to show off their driving skills on extreme obstacle courses behind the wheel of their own car. Winners receive a customization package for their cars.

Last week, a shoot was completed in Fontana, Calif., for a pilot of a show with a working title of “Ultimate Gymkhana,” an automotive show involving Rob Cohen, director of “The Fast & the Furious.” Each 60-minute episode, hosted by Stacy Keibler and Andrew Comrie-Picard, features two top drifting and rally drivers competing on gymkhana courses staged in feature film-quality locations.

Also, Comedian Adam Carolla has begun taping segments with fellow panelists Dan Neil, John Salley and Matt Farrah for “The Car Show.”

Speed has also commissioned a full pilot for “Come Drive With Me” from the producers of the international program “Come Dine with Me.” Each 30-minute episode features four men and women who test drive one another’s cars and critique them.

The network said it has requested a pilot for a program called “Stump the Junkies” and is teaming with Sony and Nissan on a reality TV series based on video game “Gran Turismo 5.”

New episodes of the current SPEED series “The 10,” which is in its second season, and “Pass Time,” which is in its eighth season, will also premiere this summer.

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