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CaroMont opens urgent-care facility in Mountain Island Lake

CaroMont Health said it has opened CLiC Immediate Care facility in Mountain Island Lake.

CaroMont said CLiC, which stands for “convenient, local, individualized care,” will differ from traditional urgent-care facilities by helping patients to become proactive about their health.

“At CLiC, we will not only treat each patient’s immediate needs but also use their visit as an opportunity to build a relationship,” CaroMont Health CEO Valinda Rutledge said.

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Rather than just address urgent needs, CLiC employees “will help people understand other aspects that may help them get onto the path of health,” said Mary Hassett of Integrations Inc., Caromont’s public relation’s firm.

There will be two waiting rooms, one for people with contagious illnesses and the other for those with injuries. The center will also include retail space that will sell relaxation CDs, ergonomic pillows and nutrition-related items.

In addition, there will be consultation rooms for people who aren’t necessarily sick but who would like more information on topics such as diabetes, obesity or sleep disorders. In those rooms, staff will direct customers to resources, many online and accessible through touchscreen computers, that should help answer their questions, Hassett said.

CLiC is trying to drop the term “patients” and, instead, look at those who come through the clinic’s door simply as “people,” she said.

Caromont runs Gaston Memorial Hospital.

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