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County buys half of Doral Apartments for $3.1M

Mecklenburg County said Monday it has completed a $3.1 million purchase of half of flood-prone Doral Apartments.

The county, which bought 128 units on eight acres, plans to tear down the portion it bought. The complex features 260 units on 19 acres.

The apartment complex, between Briar Creek and Monroe Road, has flooded six times since 1995, with damage topping $8 million, the county said.

In 2008, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services applied for a federal grant to pay about 75 percent of the cost of buying part of the property and tearing down buildings. In 2009, the Federal Emergency Management Agency approved a $3.5 million grant.

Engineering studies in 2005 found no feasible options to prevent the apartment complex from continuing to flood, the county said.

Eighty ground-floor units flooded so badly during August 2008 that they were not repaired.

The portion of the complex not bought by the county is in a floodplain but has a lower risk of flooding, the county said. The owner of the apartment complex will decide what to do with the other 132 units and more than 10 acres of land.

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