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Uptown Magazine is dead, owner says

Uptown Magazine will soon be but a memory.

Todd Trimakas’ plan to sell his publication, which he started in 2005, fell through Friday when a potential buyer pulled out.

Last week, Trimakas and T.J. Larsen, founder and president of My Townhome, a Charlotte real estate firm, were finalizing the deal. But Trimakas said they couldn’t come to terms on the purchase price. Now, he plans to shut down the magazine.

“It’s definitely bittersweet after five years of running the magazine, but I’m relieved to not have to deal with the monthly grind anymore,” Trimakas said.

Larsen said that in performing due diligence leading up to the purchase of the magazine, he “discovered issues that were too costly to solve.”

Larson said he plans to launch his own magazine next year. It will focus on music, art and people in and around uptown.

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