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Public hearing on city’s housing policies set for tonight

A public hearing on proposed changes to the city’s housing locational policy will take place at the Charlotte City Council’s Monday night meeting.

The recommendations prohibit new developments in neighborhoods labeled “challenged” or “transitioning” by the most recent quality of life study. Under the proposal, new developments could be built within half a mile of an existing development with more than 24 units, but only if the total number of subsidized units in the neighborhood statistical area is less than 5 percent.

Under the current rules, assisted multifamily housing — where residents’ rent is subsidized by vouchers — can only be built in a neighborhood where the total amount of assisted multifamily units, including the new development, does not exceed 10 percent of the total housing units in the area. New developments must not be within half a mile of any other subsidized housing unit, and there are guidelines for which neighborhoods are off-limits based on the percentage of homeownership and median income.

The policy was developed as a way to disperse affordable-housing developments around the city, rather than allow them to cluster in areas where land is inexpensive.

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