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Dulin: South Charlotte omitted from project list

Charlotte City Councilman Andy Dulin, a Republican representing District 6, said he is upset over the location of projects financed by the bonds package approved by voters Nov. 2, saying none are in south Charlotte.

Responding to a map presented to the council Monday by Assistant City Manager Jim Schumacher that depicted transportation and neighborhood improvement projects, Dulin complained that there were no projects in the area he represents.

“We’ve got $185 million worth of road work to be done and not a lick of it is going to be in south Charlotte,” Dulin said.

Of the $203.6 million in city bonds, $156.6 million will be going to roads and transportation projects, $32 million to neighborhood improvements and $15 million to affordable housing projects.

Although there are projects to be completed in south Charlotte using 2008 bond money, none of the projects approved by the council to be financed by the 2010 bonds are planned for the south Charlotte area.

City Manager Curt Walton pointed out that the location of the bonds projects was not new news to council members.

“Those were the projects that council approved, Mr. Dulin, to put on the referendum last Tuesday,” Walton said.

Mayor Anthony Foxx echoed Walton’s statement.

“What the staff received is exactly what was approved,” he said. “We do these projects because we think we can improve the quality of life in this city. And, by the way, they’re going to put some people to work who are badly in need of work.”

Schumacher also told the council that the bids the city has been receiving for capital projects have been coming in far below budgeted amounts, from 11 percent to 50 percent lower.

“The lesson there is that there’s a lot of competition from the contractors,” he said. “That yields improved bidding prices and lower low bids for our work, and the end result of that is that our dollars go farther.”

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