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Energy-efficiency rules to be voted on in Charlotte

The International Code Council’s conference is being held for the first time in Charlotte next week, and delegates are expected to vote on new residential codes that will require all homes falling under ICC jurisdiction to be built to 30 percent higher energy-efficiency standards.

ICC develops standards or building codes for new construction in the United States and internationally. The code is updated every three years.

The specifics on how the codes will reach the higher efficiency standards will not be finalized until the vote is taken. If approved, the new codes would be implemented beginning in 2015.

North Carolina uses ICC standards as a model for its state building code.

City, county and municipality governments have between four and 12 ICC voting delegates, depending on size. Mecklenburg County has 12 voting members at the conference.

The conference is being held Monday through Oct. 31 at the Charlotte Convention Center.

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